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We are pleased to announce the next session of Sam Hughes Community School after-school classes starting January 16, 2020, and running through March 12, 2020! We have new classes in ceramics, magic, music theory, Chinese language and culture, classic playground games and more, as well as the old favorites.

Please note the registration process is changing. Instead of waiting in line on registration day, you now drop off your registration form at the school office or email it to by Thursday, December 19. We will then email you a bill for your classes that you can pay online. For classes that are oversubscribed, spaces will be filled via a lottery conducted over winter break. For more information on registration, consult the registration packet and FAQ below. 

Please note: The lottery, if necessary, will occur by day, so there will be a lottery for Monday classes, a lottery for Tuesday classes, a lottery for Wednesday classes, etc. Therefore, on your registration form, you can indicate a first choice for each day, a second choice for each day, etc. If your child will be upset getting nothing, make sure you fill out all your second and third choices.

Please note: if your child has already taken robotics or cooking this fall, they may not sign up for it again in January. These classes can be taken only once a year. (Other classes can be taken multiple times.)

Registration Packet:

Questions? Email


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is registration changing?

During the fall registration in September, many parents said standing in line to register was not a convenient process for them. Many people had work or child care obligations and simply could not make it that particular morning or could not stay for 45+ minutes. With these issues in mind, we are piloting a new registration process in which parents drop off or email in their registration forms. For classes that are oversubscribed, spaces will be filled via lottery. We are aware of other schools successfully using lotteries for after-school enrichment classes, and we’d like to try this approach. For our two most popular classes, robotics and cooking, students who took those classes this fall will not be able to enter the lottery to take the classes again in the spring. The aim here is to allow as many students as possible to have a chance at these classes.

Will you accept registration forms turned in after the December 19 deadline?

Late registration forms will be accepted (you can turn them in via email to but they will not be eligible for the first round of the lottery. If spots are available AFTER the first lottery, students will then be placed in their preferred classes. If there are more students interested in a class than available spots, a second lottery will take place until all spots in each class are filled. 

Is there any benefit to turning in my registration form earlier?

No, all registration forms turned in between now and December 19 will be treated the same. There is no benefit to turning it in early. 

When will the lottery occur?

It will take place over winter break, but we haven't determined an exact date. We will notify families of the results shortly after the lottery occurs. 

How will the lottery work?

Students will be randomly assigned a number, which will correspond to their spot in line. This will be done for each day of the week so each child has an equal chance of getting into their preferred class for the day. If the student’s first choice class is full, they will be assigned to their second or third choice class (if spots are available). 


What will you do for families with siblings?

If families with multiple children have selected classes on the same day (e.g. each child in the family has selected classes on Mondays and Wednesdays), they will be treated as a unit. We hope this helps to alleviate any potential childcare concerns. 


How will I know if my child was selected for a class? 

We will conduct the lottery over winter break and email you with your child's class assignments. You will also receive a confirmation sheet in the red folder in January. 


How will I pay for the classes?

A TUSD payment system called Kinderlime will email you an invoice. This will be separate from the email notifying you of your child’s enrollment in the class. Payment is due 72 hours after the invoice has been sent. If payment is not received by this time, the spot may be given to another student on the waitlist. If you have any questions or concerns about payment, you can email the coordinator, Lauren Clough, at 

Is the $45 a monthly payment or for the full course?

The $45 pays for the full eight-week course. It works out to about $5.63 per class. It's a great deal!

Where do I get a paper copy of the registration form?

Paper copies of the registration packet will be sent home in the red folders on Thursday, December 12. We will also have extra copies of the registration packet on hand in the school office. 

Are the two Spanish courses identical?

Yes, the two K-2nd Spanish courses will be doing the same material on Friday as they did on Tuesday. The same is true for the two 2nd-5th Spanish courses. For that reason, there is no benefit in enrolling in both. In the spring, we may offer a Spanish course that meets twice a week, depending on demand. 

Wasn't this program cut last year?

Yes, TUSD cut the Community School program in December 2018. In early 2019, a group of nearly 200 parents and grandparents wrote to TUSD Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo asking that the district bring back the program and implement some important changes to it. The district agreed. Since June, a small group of Sam Hughes parents has been meeting regularly with TUSD to hammer out the details of the new program. 

What does tuition pay for?

Tuition pays the instructors as well as a coordinator to run the program. The coordinator recruits and hires new instructors, manages instructors, works with parents to devise new classes, subs when necessary, schedules classes and rooms, handles registration, publicizes the program and gives the students a snack prior to their classes beginning. Tuition also pays for some supplies. 

Are there any discounts or scholarships?

TUSD has a requirement that this program must not lose money. Therefore we must charge a certain amount to pay for the instructors, the coordinator and some overhead. The PTA has partnered with the Educational Enrichment Foundation to raise money to lower tuition and to seed a scholarship fund for low-income students. We were able to raise enough money in Fall 2019 to lower tuition by $20! If you would like to direct your Arizona tax dollars to Sam Hughes Community School, please see the box at right. 

I already gave my tax credit money to Sam Hughes. How can I give again?

Actually, there are two different tax credits. There is the Arizona Public School Tax Credit, in which you donate directly to the school. The limits on that tax credit are $200 for individuals and $400 for couples. That tax credit money funds enrichment during the school day. The second is the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, in which you can donate to the Sam Hughes after-school enrichment program (Community School) through the Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF). The limits on that tax credit are $400 for individuals and $800 for couples. That tax credit money funds after-school enrichment. The great news is that you don't have to chose. You can give to both and claim both tax credits on your taxes in order to get your money back dollar for dollar. (For individual tax situations, consult an expert.)


Thank You To Our Contributors!

We wish to thank the following individuals who generously directed their Arizona tax dollars to Sam Hughes Community School via the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.


Deepta and Martha Bhattacharya

Alden Corey

Holly Davies

Wieke de Boer and Karl Newell

Dustin Fitzpatrick and Jennifer McIntosh

Ryan and Shannon Gutenkunst

Zoe Holmes

Glenn and Johanna Moyer

Sun No

Stephanie Rosenberg

Susannah Schwartz

Amanda Stunes

Rui Wang and Adam Bleier

Joan Thomas and Mike Weingarten

Josephine and Robert Wilson


Archived Registration Packets

Fall 2019 Registration Packet:

January 8, 2020 Update: Lottery results and invoices have been emailed to all families. If you did not receive your lottery results or invoice, or if you have questions or concerns about them, please email 

You must pay your Kinderlime bill by January 12 in order to reserve your child's place in the class(es). 

Classes start January 16!

You can contribute to
Sam Hughes Community School at no cost to you!


The PTA has partnered with a Tucson non-profit, the Educational Enrichment Foundation (EEF), to raise money for Sam Hughes Community School. 

We are now fundraising for Spring 2020. Our current fundraising will be used for:

  • To lower tuition for Spring 2020. (Our fall fundraising effort succeeded in lowering tuition from $65 to $45 per class.)
    Thank you, contributors!

  • To start a need-based scholarship fund. 

  • Various smaller expenses such as background checks for new instructors

  • Supplies

  • Training a second robotics instructor

  • Additional items as needed by the PTA

Through our partnership with EEF, you can direct your Arizona tax dollars to Sam Hughes Community School. You can contribute to Community School at no cost to you! You can do this through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. (If you are already giving to Sam Hughes Elementary School via the Public School Tax Credit, you can continue to do that. You can claim both at the same time!)


Here's how it works: EEF has set up a fundraising page for Sam Hughes Community School. You make a contribution there, up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples. Then at tax time, you claim the Charitable Tax Credit on your tax return and get the full amount back on your taxes*. 


One person or one couple can make a tremendous difference. Just one couple contributing the full amount of $800 can lower tuition for everyone by $4. A single individual contributing $400 can fund eight scholarships for low-income students. That's eight lives you might change! If you cannot max out, contribute what you can -- and get the same amount back on your taxes. You can help our children at no cost to you! (*For individual tax situations, consult an expert.)

All contributors will be publicly acknowledged in the PTA newsletter and web site (or you can choose to remain anonymous).

Questions? Contact Sam Hughes parent Josephine Wilson at or the
Educational Enrichment Foundation at