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1.  Do I qualify?


90 percent of Sam Hughes families qualify to participate in the Tax Credit program.  Most of us pay state taxes even if we get a return back. If you have an accountant do your taxes, then just double check with them about your qualification.  If you do your own taxes then look at last year’s tax form. With the 140 form, if line 59 is at least $200 for an individual or $400 for a couple then you can donate those amounts which you are paying in Arizona State Taxes to the Tax Credit program.  With the 140EZ form the line to check out is 16.

2. Do I need to participate?


Definitely is the answer.  This Tax Credit money we raise is the only we can pay for our Music, Chess and PE teachers.  With all the money we raised last year we still came up $20,000 short, or around 50 families that could have supported us with a $400 donation.  75% of the money we raised came from the Sam Hughes neighborhood, so the bottom line is we need a lot more Sam Hughes Elementary School Families participating to make this successful.

3. Is this a donation?


No, that is a misnomer. It is not a donation even though that’s how it is often referred to.  It is actually a payment that you make now, and then you get it back with your tax return. This will actually direct your money right to Sam Hughes instead of paying for things we don’t need in Phoenix.  If you can pay now that is great, but just make sure the payment is made by April 15th.  Average tax returns come back within 21 days if you file electronically or 6-8 weeks if you mail it.  The good news is if you participate, you’ll get this extra money back with your return, so it’s not a donation.

4. How do I pay?

You can use the OMA form on the flyer that went home last week.  Just fill that out and send in your check, which is $200 for individuals, or $400 for couples.  You can also donate any smaller amount that you are comfortable giving. There is also a way to donate online at Please note they list us as Hughes Elementary at this site. Or you can pay at the Sam Hughes front office with a personal check, cashiers check, money order or cold hard cash.  Office manager Kate Rice will gladly help you through the process and she will provide you a receipt when you are finished. Please feel free to contact her at 232-7400.

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