Sam Hughes PTA Meeting Agenda and minutes

August 14, 2018 – Meet, Greet and Eat

6:00 pm

Board Members

Jeb – President

Melanie – Vice President

Kim and Justine – Co-Treasurers

Veronica and Rosalita – Co-Secretaries






Introduction of PTA at Sam Hughes

  • All fundraisers are run by PTA

  • There are 4 main events that bring in money

  • Our goal is to raise $45,000.00 this school year

  • PTA membership and fee

  • Would like to put together a 50th Anniversary party for Mr. T


Introduction to Committees and Organizations

Bookfair (Cheryl)

  • Funds raised go to purchasing books for kids to pick through on their birthday

  • Need volunteers to help with the bookfair

  • Raise money to give gift certificates to teachers for classroom books

  • Have giveaways for students


Science Fair (Margaret)

  • Want grade reps to find out if “science” parents are in their classrooms and have them come and share their love of science with the class and other classes

  • Science projects get started in late November and early December

  • Science Fair is February 12, 2019

Tax Credit (Tyler) - Kat spoke as well

  • Donate tax dollars to Sam Hughes and you get it back

  • These funds help to fund music program (OMA) and other extracurricular/enrichment activities

  • Funds chess, physical education, music, greening group, habitats. These help kids learn life skills and gives experience

  • We need to raise $90,000.00


Greening Group (Jenny)

  • Beautify the school and provide the kids with outdoor activities

  • Birding, gardening, citrus harvest

  • Need irrigation help/watering trees and plants

  • First meeting is September 6, 2018


Pancake Breakfast (Melanie)

  • Looking for volunteers

  • Pancake relay races

  • Will be magnets and CREW shirts for sale


Chuckwagon (Jeb spoke about this)

  • Heather is going to be the chair

  • Crystal and Jeb looking into revamping the games

  • Live music, food and games


Sam Hughes Meet Yourself (Jeb spoke)

  • All organizations will have a table



Introduction of Two for CREW

  • Had chair leads go up to their sigh-up sheets at the table

  • Parents were able to go up and ask questions and sign up to be a part of committees





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