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We meet the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Child care provided. 


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Congratulations on your choice of Sam Hughes for your child!


How To Enroll


Below is a map of Sam Hughes Elementary's boundary area. If you live in this area, your child is a "neighborhood child" and has a guaranteed spot at Hughes. You can enroll at any time, even mid-year, and the school must accept your child. That said, it is much better to enroll early, ideally in January for an August start date. Enrolling early keeps class sizes smaller, for complicated reasons that are beyond the scope of this web page.

To enroll a neighborhood child, simply stop by the Sam Hughes school office during business hours and fill out the paperwork. You can also call the office beforehand to figure out what paperwork you will need to bring with you: (520) 232-7400.


If you do not live in the boundary area, you must enter a lottery to get a spot at Hughes. This process is called open enrollment and is run through TUSD. For the best chance in the lottery, submit your open enrollment application before winter break. If you missed that deadline, you can still submit the application later as Hughes accepts students from many rounds of the lottery. Applications are typically available in mid-November. Many students gain entry to Hughes via open enrollment. 


New Kindergarteners


Hughes and the PTA host a variety of events for new kindergarteners. The day before school starts in August, you and your child can come in for the Meet Your Teacher event, where you child will see their classroom and meet their teacher. You can also tour the kindergarten playground, the cafeteria, the bathrooms and other places your child will want to become familiar with.


In mid-August on a Saturday morning, the PTA hosts a potluck breakfast for kindergarten families. In late August on a Saturday morning, the PTA hosts a pancake breakfast for all Hughes families. The PTA will also host a catered dinner for families for the first PTA meeting of the year. To find out the exact dates and times of all these events, join the PTA email list or ask your teacher. 




Early in the school year, the PTA hosts the Sam Hughes Meet Yourself event in which representatives from all the school's extracurriculars are on hand to discuss their activities. Extracurriculars include after-school sports like cross-country, track and field and basketball, musical activities like choir and band, girl scout and cub scout troops, the greening group, the after-school program (Crew Club) and the after-school enrichment program (Community School) that offer classes on foreign languages, drama, dance, yoga and a variety of other subjects.

For any questions you may have, contact the school office at (520) 232-7400 or the PTA at