Welcome to our CREW!
At Sam Hughes, the PTA is an integral part of our school community.  We provide stipends to all of our teachers and staff so that they can better support our students.  We provide community events to bring all our Huskies together.  We believe that our school is a village; that together we will succeed by providing the best environment for our students.  You, our community, plays an important part in our schools success.  In addition to your tax credit contributions we have the PTA that provides financial support and interaction between teachers, students and guardians.  We have a few, select, engaging fundraisers through out the year.  We host a variety of community events through out the year.  We support our students through various additional programs that we fund.  You, our wonderful community, parents and guardians help make Sam Hughes successful through your support.  Thank you!  Below a few ways you can support your school.

Become a PTA Member

$10* per parent/guardian/teacher**

$15* per community member***

Please include as a note: Your Name, Your Email, Your Student's Teacher.  Community members please include your name and email address.

Having active PTA members puts us in good standing with the AZPTA.  Thank you for keeping Sam Hughes PTA online by becoming a member.

*$5.50 of each membership is sent to the AZ PTA

** for enrolled family members

*** for Sam Hughes community members

Donate Today

The PTA relies on donations and fundraisers in order to support 

Sam Hughes Elementary School.  

We thank you for your continued support of our students, teachers, staff and school.

We are a CREW!


Spirit Shop & Custom Artwork Products

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