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After this evidence session the Commission sent us supplementary written evidence with further details of their enforcement strategy: “We adopted a strategy of escalating enforcement alongside the publication of our Corporate Strategy in 2017. This has made clear to operators that repeated failures will not be tolerated and will lead to escalating penalties

That message, backed up by more than £30 million in penalty packages since 1 April 2018, and our published Enforcement Reports has helped to start to change the culture at the top of Operators.”252 222.

For an operator, even a very large fine does not have the same effect as the revocation of its licence. The Commission added: “Regarding the number of operating and personal licences revoked, since November 2014 we have revoked: 9 operating licences; 9 personal management licences; 59 personal functional licences (these are for operator staff such as croupiers or cashiers).

There have also been a number of occasions when operators or personal management licence holders have surrendered their licences rather than face the prospect of regulatory action by the Commission.”253



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